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Cutting Edge window construction

Introducing Cutting Edge Replacement Windows Exclusively from Allied Building Products.

For most homeowners, replacing the windows of their home is not an impulsive decision. It is usually a decision that has been thought through, researched and budgeted.

Looking to offer their customer base a smart choice when picking replacement windows, Tim Williams, Corporate Director of Marketing for Allied Building Products Corporation said, “In the industry, we saw the need for a high-quality, high-performance, affordable vinyl replacement window. After extensive evaluation and research, we are pleased to offer the Cutting Edge private label window program featuring Cutting Edge and Cutting Edge “Plus”. Offered exclusively by Allied and Oldcastle Companies for contractors, homeowners, architects or anyone interested in purchasing a premier vinyl replacement window. Cutting Edge and Cutting Edge “Plus” offer the best value for replacement windows in the country.”

Whether you choose Cutting Edge or Cutting Edge “Plus”, both products use the highest quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques to offer strongly constructed windows that will provide years of comfort for your family.

These state-of-the-art windows offer standard features that you would expect to find as options on more expensive windows. Cutting Edge and Cutting Edge “Plus” offer all fusion welded construction. In the case of the Cutting Edge “Plus”, the frame is fully insulated. Cutting Edge offers the ultimate in energy efficiency including 7/8” insulated glass, with a high performance, soft coat Low-E squared coating. Argon is added to further enhance the unit’s performance.

Across the board, we are all dealing with the current high cost of home heating. By installing Cutting Edge or Cutting Edge “Plus” windows, you can relax in the comfort of your home knowing you have a glass package that offers maximum energy efficiency. The Cutting Edge “Plus” comes standard with the TMAX glass package. TMAX, which exceeds Energy Star requirements, includes 7/8” Insulated Glass, which helps reduce heating and cooling costs, a “warm edge” stainless steel spacer, soft coat Low-E squared coating, argon enhancement and double strength glass which results in superior energy performance. TMAX also includes a Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty which adds peace of mind for the homeowner.

Patented Low-E squared coating provides the highest performance with the highest percentage of clear, visible daylight. Another excellent feature of the Cutting Edge “Plus” is the double strength glass, which is resistant to cracking and includes the glass breakage warranty. With a density greater then air, argon gas offers more resistance to the transfer of heat and cold. Additionally, a one piece, innovative “warm edge” spacer creates a thermal barrier to reduce heat loss around the edges of the window glass.

To keep the inclement weather out and the warm air in, heavy-duty, white weather-stripping creates a barrier to air and water infiltration and prevents drafts. Both the Cutting Edge and Cutting Edge “Plus” comes standard with a true sloping sill that allows water to run off to the outside of your home. For additional insulation, Cutting Edge “Plus” has foam insulation wrap on all four sides of the frame.

By choosing Cutting Edge or Cutting Edge “Plus”, you will improve your homes appearance with the clean window lines and the balance channel covers that provide a stylish aesthetic. Spring-cleaning will never be easier with the recessed tilt latches for convenience and easy operation. The full-length lift rail controls easy up and down operation. Spring loaded night latches provide the option for ventilation and the force resistant cam latch meets new AAMA requirements.

Both Cutting Edge and Cutting Edge “Plus” are available in either white or almond vinyl. Cutting Edge “Plus” is available in three optional interior wood grains and will soon offer two optional higher performance glass packages, R-7 and R -10.

"We want pride-of-ownership on the part of Allied people and we are standing behind this product by offering a lifetime warranty on both products, in addition to Lifetime Glass Breakage warranty for the Cutting Edge “Plus” windows," stated Hindes.

To compliment Cutting Edge and Cutting Edge “Plus” windows, a full line of complimentary products are available such as basement windows, sliding glass windows, patio doors, new garden windows, casements and awning windows as well as bay and bow windows.

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If for any reason the Cutting Edge Windows should not work with your project, GMG Construction Inc. can offer a variety of other window and door replacement options and services to help. We can get discounted pricing on many different products from various window and door manufacturers. We have a real desire to understand your needs and offer quality advice and the expertise to develop a project that is right for you. There is full warranty on all of our work and we install to manufacturer's specifications. For information contact GMG Construction Inc. today at info@gmgconstruction.net or (206)779-5609 for your free consultation and quote.