Masonry is the building of structures from individual units laid and bound together by mortar. Stone Masonry is the craft of working with stone. The craft has been around ever since man found a way to chip away at stone. Most ancient monuments standing today are made from stone.

Common materials used are brick, block, stone, cultured stone, granite, cast stones, tile, glass blocks, flag stone, blue stone, basalt, fieldstone, sand stone, quartzes, etc. Choosing the right type of stone for your masonry project in the Pacific Northwest is very important; we at GMG Construction Inc. can assist you towards making the right decisions for your project.

There are so many different possibilities that you can do with masonry, like adding new dimensions and looks to your home and property with veneer cultured stones around your home, building custom patios, walkways, exterior décors, ponds and water way features, fountains, columns, stone wine cellars, BBQs, pizza ovens, fire pits, acid stained concrete, retaining walls, stone fireplaces, chimneys, stone walls, and stone walking paths, to name a few.

Stone Masonry is an artistic statement and assisting with creating a custom piece of work is something that Ballard McFarlane is talented at and enjoys doing with his customers. He offers unique and intricate design ideas and installation techniques that will surely gain overwhelming approval.

We believe in providing nothing but the best! We enjoy what we do from concept to the finished project. Our customers regularly receive updates on the status of their projects to ensure they are satisfied with the designs and progression. When choosing a Seattle area masonry contractor, consider having GMG Construction Inc. over for a free consultation and estimate.

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