GMG Construction Customer Comments

We at GMG Construction Inc. are dedicated to our craft and take great pride in our workmanship. We owe our successes to our customers to whom we feel are not only our clients but friends as well. Thank you for your kind words about our company.

~~Ballard McFarlane

I think GMG Construction Inc., is a great contractor to work with. I say this not only because Ballard is my son-in-law but because I feel that they are truly a great team of people to work with. I can give Ballard my budget for the work I want done and feel confident that I get the most for my investment in materials as well as the quality of the construction. Over the years we have had GMG do various projects that have included installing a new fifty-year roof, sky lights, interior and exterior painting, new gutters, new deck, new hot tub, and also doing various landscaping. We have also had a complete bathroom remodel and had our garage converted into a crafting room which I love, and a walk-in pantry. I have recommended GMG Construction to my friends and coworkers and I feel confident that they will treat them in the same manner.

We have been using GMG Construction Inc. services since April 2002 for various projects on our home in Bothell. Over the past 10 years they have rebuilt our sunroom, updated two bathrooms, interior and exterior painting, basement and laundry room remodel and finish work, custom patio and steps, new skylights, roof repair, new kitchen flooring, deck reconstruction, seismic retrofit of the foundation, etc.

The owner, Ballard, is a great person to work with. He has offered us great ideas and he's accompanied us on many shopping trips to our local hardware stores. The job site was always cleaned after each day's work and his employees have always been a pleasure to work with. They are honest, respectful and knowledgeable.

I would recommend GMG Construction's services to my family and friends.

We are so happy with the retaining walls GMG Construction made for us. We desperately needed professional help to deal with the city permits and requirements after we were told by the DPD that our property is considered environmentally critical. Ballard handled all these hurdles with professional ease, as well as coordinating with the geotech engineers, many official inspections, and directing all aspects of the project.

The finished product and design exceeded our expectations and dreams. Not only do we have a custom retaining wall, we have a whole new backyard! The work was scrupulously done within the promised time frame. We were able to consult and collaborate with Ballard and his construction team to come up with an original design. The result is as beautiful as it is functional. GMG was very considerate of our neighbors and us and got the job done with a minimum of disruption to the neighborhood. We developed personal relationships with the GMG team and felt as involved in the creation as we wanted to be. We have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending GMG Construction for any job.

We are happy to provide more information.

Chuck and Janet, May 2, 2012

GMG Construction showed up on time and the owner, Ballard McFarlane, introduced me to everyone on the crew and even left me a list of their phone numbers. The job took almost exactly as long as he said it would (window replacement), and the crew were very nice and careful to keep my house as clean as possible during construction.

They did a great job, very detailed, and answered all my questions. They even moved the furniture and window treatments out of the way and back again as they worked, keeping everything in order. At one point I even found Ballard in the living room carefully replacing tinsel on the Christmas tree after moving it back next to the window. They went out their way to make sure I was happy with the work.

Testimonial posted on Yelp from M O.

GMG is fantastic - great workmanship, great service, very professional, fair price. Ballard is easy to work with and has great ideas. He guided me through the areas where it made sense to spend more money and where to save money, resulting in a finished product that I would be happy with. I had an addition put onto my house that included a bedroom and bathroom. That was 3 years ago and I couldn't be happier with the work and the especially the follow up afterward.

Testimonial Posted on Insider Pages from T L C.

I was extremely pleased with my experience with GMG Construction. Ballard McFarlane is very knowledgeable, skilled, and customer-oriented, and he leads a great crew. As I gathered estimates for someone to go up into our ceiling (in a hallway and 3 rooms) to insulate the pipes then do some cosmetic work, Ballard was the only one to notice subtle clues which suggested there might be poor air circulation between ceiling & roof and water damage above the ceiling. When he & his crew got up into the ceiling, that's exactly what they found; what a mess! They hauled out ~20 Hefty bags full of sodden black insulation, then ran dehumidifiers for a week until the beams dried out & they could proceed (including replacing some rotted parts). Ballard kept us informed, asked our preferences, but also made suggestions, has very good judgment. He & his whole crew were very responsive to our needs, including our occasional phone calls. (One Sunday, one of the dehumidifiers got clogged with ice and started leaking. I called; one of his crew came right out to check on and address the situation.) Ballard ended up calling the company that had installed our roof 2 yrs earlier to work out with them the considerations around which of them would install the necessary ridge vent (but left the final decision to us). The job ended up being much more involvement and thus took longer than originally scheduled (7 weeks instead of maybe 3 weeks if the moisture problem hadn't been there), and I'm sure it ended up overlapping with other jobs GMG had scheduled, but they kept up their professional demeanor and responsiveness, though at the very end I did specifically ask for a walk-through to address a couple of loose ends (which they readily took care of). We stayed in parts of the house that weren't under construction during the whole job, and particularly appreciated their cleanup at the end of each day, and their thorough cleanup of the worksite and driveway every Friday afternoon. Contracts & billing were sent by email, & communication about these were also handled in a friendly and professional manner.

Testimonial from E. S.

Demolition of old deck. Built enlarged deck that quadrupled the size of the original deck. GMG started with putting concrete pads in the ground to hold the support columns. These concrete pads were put in and made a very stable base for the beginning structure of the deck. The framework was built. Before building the deck Ballard gave advice and wanted to know exactly what we wanted. He suggested putting in treks (plastic wood) so that it would reduce mold and last much longer. We are glad we followed his advice. After the frame work of the deck; they screwed in the treks on the frame work. Then they nailed the railing according to regulation code. Made steps and put a concrete pad under the last step as a landing. The final touch also a suggestion from Ballard; his crew put in French doors. Which we love and would not have wanted anything else. His crew always came on time worked quietly and respectfully and cleaned every (I mean every bit of debris) before leaving the site for the day. This was all done in 1 week. It is my favorite part of our home. When family or friends come to visit this is the gathering place.

Testimonial from B. G.