Remodeling Projects of GMG Construction

We invite you to view the blogs of some of our current projects that show photos taken as the project progressed. GMG provides frequent updates so the customer can track the progress of their project. Blog entries are made public or private depending on the client's preferences.

Renton Restoration: After a burst pipe wreaked havoc in this rental property, GMG repaired and restored the beautiful finishes. Work included hardwood flooring, carpeting and trim, interior walls, insulation, painting, and exterior siding.

Seattle Restoration: This classic Lake City house had suffered a bit from water damage. GMG restored its beauty, upgrading the roof, deck, re-framing and painting. New gutters and waterproofing finished the job.

Queen Anne Addition: This lovely Queen Anne home gained two bedrooms, including a Master Bedroom with Bath, laundry room, office, lots of closets, and a full retrofit of the house, including sound proofing, water proofing, floors, and windows.

Shoreline Remodel: In this blog you’ll see a home in Shoreline, just north of Seattle that was in total disarray and in need of some major restoration and remodeling. The blog documents the work from start to finish. The project started with some major cleaning and hauling away many years worth of accumulation. Several rooms had black mold due to condensation, requiring a bleach solution for sterilization and cleaning so that construction would be safe and could get underway. The floor in the kitchen and laundry room was completely rotted and needed to be replaced. The construction consisted of new roof and venting, new plumbing and wiring, new windows and doors, new flooring and refinishing of the existing flooring, new paint throughout, new front entry system, new bathrooms, updating insulation, new gutters, new driveway, new furnace and hot water heater, and more. Other than the basic lay out of the home, you wouldn’t recognize it’s the same house; it now looks and lives as good as new.

Kingsgate Remodel: This remodel, located the Kingsgate neighborhood, a subdivision of Kirkland will give you some great ideas on what we can do to upgrade and beautify your home. It's filled with pictures from start to finish which we do for all of our clients so that they may see the progression of their projects. This project included new energy efficient windows, and doors, total remodel of the kitchen, front entry, stairways and the down stairs which was turned into a climate controlled lavatory used for an home office, new hardwood floors that where blended into the small amount of the existing, etc. This fall we'll be installing new exterior siding.

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