Tips For Your Vinyl Windows - Care & Maintenance

Tips For Vinyl Windows

With the Cutting Edge Windows, we make it our goal to offer you a virtually maintenance-free window experience. However, when the time does come for a little upkeep, we've made the process simple. We have precise maintenance instructions for every window we manufacture. Simply select your style and we'll help you care for it the right way.

How to Clean Your Vinyl Windows

Tips For Cleaning Vinyl Windows

The natural lubricating ability of vinyl prevents dirt, grease or stains from penetrating the vinyl surface. But, as with any window, abrasives can dull the finish. Use a cream wax cleaner or polish for every day cleaning. For stubborn spots, a "non-abrasive" cleanser is best. Slight scratches can be "polished" out with a small amount of scouring powder as shown in Figure 1. Finish off with cream wax or polish.

Care of PVC

To clean your PVC, simply use soap and water. Other cleaners including turpentine or denatured alcohol are also acceptable. For stubborn stains, a common household cleaner may be used.

Care of Screens

Because our screens are made of the best materials available, your screen never has to be removed unless desired. Your screens can be sprayed with water or vacuumed clean.

Care of Double Hung Windows

Care of Double Hung Windows

You may clean your windows with soap and water or any common glass cleaning agent. The same recommendation applies if you have windows with Advanced Easy-Clean Glass.

Information provided by Ply Gem Windows.