Installation begins approximately three to four weeks after you hire us for the project. A couple of days before the construction starts, we will give you a courtesy call to let you know that everything is a go.

Our employees are polite, professional and respectful of your home, yard and greenery. From start to finish, our crews take care to minimize disruption.

Step 1: First we’ll see if there is a preference to where you want us to start. Next we carefully move all objects away from our work areas. Tarps are laid out to protect your floors and furniture. We will take down and reinstall all blinds and curtains that need to come down.

Step 2: Out with the old. If your windows are aluminum, the glass will be removed first, then the meeting rail and lastly the frame will be collapsed. Any existing coil or frame work will need to be removed as well.

Step 3: Once the frames have been removed, we will inspect the internal structure to make sure there is no dry rot or structural damages. Every window installation is different. We will install your new windows in the best fashion for each particular situation. Rest assure that if any additional work should need to be done, we will advise and not install a window or door into a bad situation. Even the best and most expensive products, if not installed properly, will not perform as they should.

Step 4: In with the new. After the opening has been prepared, we’ll set the new window in place. After we check to make sure the window is level, plumb, and square, we’ll secure the window in place with high quality zinc screws that are less likely to rust over time. The window is then insulated and sealed to guarantee a weather tight installation. We will vacuum all debris and wash all windows after installation. New trim inside or outside can be installed if agreed upon.

Step 5: On every job we do a final walk through with our customer to ensure all work has been completed to their satisfaction, to show that the windows and doors are working properly, and to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Lastly we will haul off all of your old windows and doors, make sure that everything is disposed of properly and make a final check to see that your home is clean from our debris. Now you are free to enjoy your beautiful new windows and the benefit you’ll receive for years to come.


If for any reason the Cutting Edge Windows should not work with your project, GMG Construction Inc. can offer a variety of other window and door replacement options and services to help. We can get discounted pricing on many different products from various window and door manufacturers. We have a real desire to understand your needs and offer quality advice and the expertise to develop a project that is right for you. There is full warranty on all of our work and we install to manufacturer's specifications. For information contact GMG Construction Inc. today at or (206)779-5609 for your free consultation and quote.