About GMG Construction

Ballard McFarlane has been in the construction industry for more than 25 years. At an early age he possessed a passion for building, remodeling and construction of all sorts. In the mid 1990's he partnered with some friends and formed GMG Construction and by end of the decade he took sole ownership of the company, which he has grown exponentially in the Seattle metro area. For going on two decades we at GMG Construction have created many working relationships with local suppliers, manufacturers, contractors of many different trades, architects, inspectors, and more. Typically we employ 6 to 8 full time employees and, as projects permit, we have the ability and resources to expand when needed.

We specialize in quality residential construction such as custom new homes, additions, remodeling kitchens and baths, extensions, historic renovations and insurance restorations. Our reputation is built on excellence, professional workmanship and the personal dedication we apply to all our customers' projects. We take care of any and all permits needed and guarantee our work. Our work sites are always clean and tidy-we respect our customers and their property, as well as their neighbor's property. We take great pride and joy in our trade of craftsmen.

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Ballard McFarlane on a worksite

Ballard McFarlane at a construction site.

Our Promise

We'll develop strong relationships with you by creating partnerships throughout the construction process, exceeding expectations, and give exceptional performance from every member of our team.

We'll provide you with intelligent solutions, concepts, designs, and material ideas, while focusing on your wants and needs.

We'll provide you with the most qualified and professional tradesmen necessary to complete every aspect of a project.

Our passion is construction and to be the best we can be. At GMG Construction, we take pride in both the process and our final products. You can count on quality construction and longevity in everything we do.

Our goal is to make your building or remodeling experience the best it can be.