Seismic Retrofitting - Be Better Prepared

Here is how we can help.

If your home is built prior to 1985 you should consider having an evaluation done to see if you could benefit from seismic up-grading or retrofitting. Set an appointment and we would be happy to evaluate your home and give a free estimate that will include the scope of work and breakdown of the materials. We’ll stay within your budget.

We have experience retrofitting historic homes in the Seattle area as well as pre 1985 homes in the Seattle metro areas. Contact us today for a consultation.

What is Seismic Retrofitting?

A seismic retrofit is the addition of one or more structural enhancements that will help keep your home from the effects of seismic activity. A retrofit has 3 parts: One, bolting the sill plate and/or floor joist to the structure to the cement foundation; Two, adding plywood to brace sub-floor wall areas of home with cripple-wall construction; and Three, attaching the floor joist walls to the first-floor framing of homes with cripple-wall construction.

The goal of this retrofitting is to strengthen the structural integrity of the home so that it does not fall off its foundation in an earthquake.

Past earthquakes have shown that homes not bolted to their foundation, or without proper sheer wall reinforcement can sustain significant damage and make your home unlivable. Studies have shown the retrofitting works.

The local American Red Cross chapter offers simple tips for residents to prepare for earthquakes:

How Can I Prepare?

Be Red Cross Ready - Earthquake Safety Checklist [PDF]